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3 Types of stress that College gives me.

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Does anyone get school related anxiety. Lately I’ve been getting it a lot and I don’t know why? When I use to not care about school, It didn’t happen so much. But now that I’m in College and actually care about my work and what happens after I submit something I’m like 100% stressed until I get my grade back. I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to kick it yet, but I figured I tell you what its like to see if you guys get it too?

1. Feeling like I didn’t turn something in.

All the time I get a feeling that I haven’t turned something in. I get my homework done like the day when it’s due. And because of it being so late I’m not sure the next day if I’ve done it all. Like what’s happening right now…. I didn’t think I made all the replies needed to make an A on my Sociology Discussion and because I waited to the last day, I’m shaking because I believe that I didn’t do something. It’s so bad that I think I’m going to cry and It’s funny because in high school I definitely wasn’t like this. I didn’t care so much… I would laugh at the people who did. I didn’t understand back then that education is the way out and it’s the best way for success in the future.

2. Feeling like I could’ve done better.

After I turn in something, I automatically feel like I could’ve written something better or did more to really deserve an A. I immediately start regretting everything I’ve done. I overthink everything, and it doesn’t help. 

3.Feeling like I won’t get another chance to make up something if I did miss something

If your a really great student and it’s something not so serious some teachers are nice enough to give you another chance. But now whenever I get a new teacher, I can totally tell if a teacher will give me another chance. Right now I know that my teachers this semester won’t give me another chance, and I only have a few more weeks, so I have to make a change.

I’m going to try a few things this week to hopefully stop myself from feeling this way. I will write a post about this so you can stop feeling this way if you are too. Tell me if there’s anything that you do not to feel this way.

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