The Ultimate Guide to emailing your professors

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The first time I emailed a professor I was worried about how I should address my professor, form my question, and how I should end my email. In this article I’m going to walk you through this simple task.

1. Addressing your professor.

You only should start with “Dear Professor (Their Last Name), ” If they haven’t got their doctorate yet. If they have received their doctorate, then you definitely need to address them as, ” Dr. (Their last name). I believe that it’s important to give credit where it’s do. And if they spent how ever long in school working to get their doctorate degree, then you should defininly grant them that.

2. The body of your email

You should just get straight to the point. Your Professor doesn’t have all day. If you missed an assignment and it was for a really good reason tell them. Don’t just let it go. A good example email would be….

Dear Professor Lewis,

I’m sorry but, I delivered my baby on the night quiz 12 was due. Can you reopen it so I can get a chance to get it done?

Note : All teacher’s will not all ways say yes to reopening up an assignment

3. The ending of your email

Ending your email should be the easiest part. You don’t have to end it with “sincerely”or “love”, I’ve come to the conclusion that you just should use, “Thank you, ” Because, your normally asking them for something.

I’m going to post a number of actual emails I’ve sent to my teachers in the past. I’ve had a lot of them. And I would like for you to see how I progressed in sending emails to my professors. You can check that out here.

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