My First and Worse Computer Science Teacher

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I took my very first Computer Science Class in the summer of 2017. I seriously don’t remember the Teachers name But what I do remember is that he was a pain in my ass.

He didn’t have a degree in computer science or anything, but he knew a thing or two about the subject. I remember coming to school and wanting to be the best. I was a particular case because I had to wait to attend classes until the president signed something off for me.
But As soon as it was signed, I went to class. Because I was late, I missed the first test, and the teacher PROMISED ME THAT I CAN RETAKE IT! ( The All caps was for a reason you’ll see later).

The class was a programming design class, and the course was structured with homework and test where you had to design a program using programming logic. We had a project each week that we had to turn in. Everyone in the class would turn in their project, and these projects would all come back as F’s or lower. I was shocked because I felt like I did everything that was asked of me. But I keep going.

To get feedback on my projects, I went to him during his office hours. I pulled up my homework so he could tell me, my flaws. I had a working program, but that wasn’t enough for him. I quickly realized that I had to have a program that looked and worked exactly like his. This was unfair because as you know, there are numerous ways to build a program, so my work wasn’t necessarily wrong. It just wasn’t Identical to his work.

After this realization, I was shocked. But I wanted this, so I had to keep going. So I did.

I went on to take the next test. I studied hard for it because I knew I had to pass this test and the rest of them to make a decent grade. But when my results came back, it was the same. I failed my programming part of my test. I also failed the Homework that we had due next. I had a zero in for the first test until I took it. So my grade wasn’t looking so good.

I decided to stay home during test 3, so I can put in some extra studying and get this right. The next day I went in to take my test, and I took the written part and passed with an A. I was so excited I didn’t know what to expect for the programming part because he usually failed me.

My A made me feel so good, I finally thought that I was ready to take the first test, so I went to him to try and arrange it. And guess what he told me.

“You already took your makeup; You only get one.”

I couldn’t believe him, He was already failing the whole class, and he really thought that I was going to take a 30 or lower in this class and mess up my GPA, Fuck that!

He told me the first day that I could take that test whenever I wanted. He never told me that, that was my only makeup. Be Fair! I didn’t miss the first one on purpose.

I withdraw on the very last day that I could and received a, ‘W’ for that semester in this class.

I retook this class the next semester with a different teacher and guess what I made…. 98%.

I guess the lesson here is to do a search your teachers up and make sure they’re legit. If you can’t find out anything about that teacher… Don’t take them.

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